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Gantry 5

The Gantry 5 Framework is an ideal platform for users of all levels, whether beginners or web professionals. It has been written from the ground up to focus on speed and performance, whether the frontend or backend.


The Layout manager provides drag-and-drop functionality with power to move, resize, and configure content in seconds.


The Styles settings allow for customizing the stylistic elements of the template, such as links, font or background colors.


Particles operate as customizable blocks that form the flesh of the frontend, from placeholders to self contained content and functions.

dodatak 5

Antares is built with a responsive layout, which means it automatically adapts to the viewing device, so it will expand and contract accordingly to the size and resolution of the screen, whether mobile, tablet or desktop. hmm

Configuration 5

Configuration in Gantry 5 features sophisticated built-in fields such as Icon Picker, Font Picker, and much more.


The Gantry 5 administrator benefits from unlimited undo/redo, to ensure that your changes and hours of work are never lost.

Powerful Interface

Gantry 5's administrative interface has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to meet the needs of tomorrow's developer, today. The admin provides multiple options for styles, layout, particles, and more.

Twig Templating

Gantry 5 utilizes Twig - a flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP - to create powerful, dynamic themes quick and easy.

YAML Driven

YAML is a human-readable data serialization, making it easy to create and configure blueprints for back-end configuration options.

Layout Manager

Easily configure complex layouts with the Drag & Drop interface for the whole site or specific pages
An intuitive admin interface to configure the template

Powerful Framework

  • Flexible and Easy Layout Manager
  • Menu Editor with Icon Options
  • Unique content with block variations
  • Utilize icons easily with Font Awesome
  • Human readable configuration files Code